Saturday, 19 April 2014

Life lately

A dribble bib for Precious or her clothes gets saliva-soaked!

London underground at it's best (newly done up Metropolitan line)! 8 stops and only 15 minutes from Baker Street to the City, where uncle Erik lives

At the country club
Thank you for my new top, Grandma!

On Thursday it was 21 degrees in the capital and we kicked off the long weekend ahead with a barbecue on Erik and John's balcony 

John is now a proud Chartered Engineer, and here's the diploma to prove it! 
Lunch in Leon last week
Scooting in the square

We've been to the library to borrow some books for Sean to keep up his reading even during half term

Anna with Scarlett Grace in the park
 Nautical stripes and anchor buttons, in typical Swedish style!

Dressed up for Easter in matching dress and hat 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Thirteen centimetres

Three months post partum, and this is what my scar looks like - it measures exactly 13 cm. I'm still a bit numb in places, but it's thankfully healing really well.

I also carry an additional 6 kilos and have this lump of "dough" that sits on my stomach (and on my bottom!) -but it's a work in progress 

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Breakfast @ Baker Street

Went for an early morning run around Regents Park - then called my "A Team"  who were snoozing  at home and invited them for coffee and brekkie at our local Starbucks in Baker Street.  London is still quiet and the sun is shining  -  great way to kick start our weekend!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Inside Info..

1. I feel... so bloody happy and grateful - I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, my daughter C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.S me!

2. This morning... Sean came to our bed and me and him spooned for like five minutes which is a long time for a 5 year old LOL! - supa dupa cosy :-)

3. So far today I have.. been to Boots and stocked up on baby stuff incl nappies and formula milk, helped Sean practise his piano homework, "hush little baby" (he's really improved and I'm so proud of him!), viewed a property for sale in Montague Square, and visited my friend Anna where I had a coffee and a catch up 

4. Fave tune right now.. "Waves" - Love this tune!!

5. Last night... I made a Thai inspired dish with minced pork served in lettuce cups for dinner 

6. Currently enjoying... the beautiful warm weather in London, and with that, my blush Spring coat that I've dusted off and brought out to wear

7. Thought of the day... I can't believe I have to start a new blog label (3-6 months) today, as Scarlett Grace is now three months old!

8. Last item of clothing I bought online.. a pair of ripped white denims - am yet to receive them, so watch this space! 

9. Plans for the rest of the day and this weekend: Later I'm popping down to Louis Vuitton's flagship store (beauty and perks of living in central London!) to hand in my wallet for repair (re-stitching), we're going out locally for dinner tonight, Apple store and Hamleys followed by lunch in town on Saturday and a leisurely Sunday at our country club 

Video of Sean playing "Yankee Doodle" on the piano in a concert arranged by his school a couple of weeks ago (and yes, that's me you hear cheering and whistling afterwards!)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

3 months old today ❤️

At the local playground behind Marylebone High Street

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Delayed birthday post: New black wallet with gold details from hubby  :-)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Courchevel 2014

This was our fourth visit to Courchevel in the last 5 years - Daddy and son chatting on a restaurant terrace
Opening belated birthday pressies from my Mum

Apart from Courchevel, we've also been to Vail ski resort in Colorado, USA as a family (Sean was only 4 months old!)

Note: Scarlett Grace not dressed in pink for once lol!

Barely 100 metres walk away from our loft apartment is an easy green piste with a button-lift - very suitable for Sean

Daddy giving a helping hand - prior to Sean's private lessons from a ski instructor

Bear likes to wind down after skiing all day with a glass of red, and catching up on emails
Carrying skis and equipment is not my favourite activity though - even if they are little ones! 

Our apartment has an open-plan lounge and kitchen area with it's cosy log fireplace 

Mum and Scarlett Grace takes 'The Bubble-lift" by foot, to meet Bear and me at a favourite mountain restaurant
The Bel Air restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy a leisurely lunch and drink in the sunshine 
Family hug!
I had to buy a new ski suit as I'm only three months post partum, and a stone (6kg) heavier than last year - Hopefully my old gear should fit me on our next trip!

We were away for seven nights (compared to ten last time) - We agreed that 10 is better!

Kids snuggled up in front of TV watching children's programs in French - it feels like a real home from home!

Here we are enjoying a traditional mountain dish - Raclette, at a local restaurant in the village of 1650.

The hotel provides a kids club, although we obviously didn't need that with my Mum around, who is our very own Mary Poppins ;-)
In the downstairs lobby/lounge area they provide slippers so you can take off your ski boots and come inside for a drink or two in the cosy rustic atmosphere (without going to your apartment first to get changed)

La Croisette in 1850 where we took a well deserved break after skiing for hours - although Bear was shocked to find that one beer cost 12 Euros!
My little poppet slept in a cot inside my Mum's bedroom, and to our surprise she has carried on sleeping through the night despite the high altitudes! Simply amazing!

We always rent skis as it's way too much hassle travelling with them, and the hotel has a terrific ski room where your skis and boots are ready for you every morning (and they help you put them on and take them off for you!), and put away for you in the evening - they even heat them overnight so your feet are nice and warm for skiing!
Surrounded by spectacular views!
The "Fire & Ice" bar/restaurant on the hotel's terrace is a real sun trap and excellent for 'apres ski' drinks
We had glorious sunshine on every day  - apart from one! 

I went down a tricky Red run a couple of times on my last day of skiing - very proud indeed! 

Sibling love - A sense of relaxation will envelop you even before stepping inside the luxurious bedrooms

It goes without saying, but Bear and I are forever grateful for my Mum who's making it possible for us to go skiing without having to think about child-care

Going to the gym was one of the things Mum and Sean did during the hours that Bear and I were away on the slopes.
I persuaded Bear to ski in pink lol - what a stud! 
Looking very relaxed.. - it's so convenient to be located right at the foot of the ski slopes

This place is a true little gem, we just love it and we're already making plans to return next year!

Sunday, 6 April 2014


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