Thursday, 22 September 2016

Faux glow

New and noteworthy: Dior self- tanning creme gel natural glow

I love this, it's topping my list of self tanners.   The first impression is the beautiful floral slighly perfumy smell on application and when developing. The gel-lotion absorbs quickly and dries in 30 mins. It uses the Bronze Perfect pH complex, that works with your body’s own PH balance to deliver just the right amount of tan, and it develops in abt 4 hours. Gorgeous natural looking sun kissed skin

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Chilling at Chiltern

Eggstra delicious omelette ;-)

 Lunch with my very dear friend Anna today at Chiltern Firehouse. Creatures of habits we are (read me) clearly, and I grabbed my fave table in the courtyard, perfect for people watching, and ordered what I always order; crab and lobster omelette. Midweek quality time at its best! 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New blinds - installation in progress

Locanda Locatelli

Our Friday night in pictures

I indulged in my usual lobster linguine which was divine.  Don't be intimidated that it's a Michelin starred restaurant. Although booking is required way in advance, but the kids got special treatment and saw the chef in the kitchen where they got to prepare their own dessert :-) Best Italian in town no doubt, and if it's good enough for Madonna, it's good enough for us ;-)

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Easy on the eye (brow)

I've tried several brow pens and this is undoubtedly the best one, colour wise. I get mine from Blink Brow Bar in Selfridges Beauty hall, in the colour 'Cinnamon Spice'. It's an ash-y colour to avoid getting the brows looking ginger. Blink has a walk-in service that I really like and they have definitely perfected the art of speedy threading.  

Detox Day 12

It's grumpy corner here lol 

This is apparently what I look like on day T W E L V E of no booze and clean eating! Tomorrow is salvation day - Dinner and bubbles at my fave Italian Michelin-starred Locanda Locatelli awaits, hallelujah! 

Escaping the city

In prep for the heatwave, on Monday Scarlett Grace and I went to my Mum for the night //I brought Turkish take away for our dinner in the garden//I feel a sense of joy when my daughter is playing barefoot on the grass//The three of us always sleep together in Mum's humongous bed//Next morning at the local caff, Belly Busters//Munchie waiting patiently for her bacon sarnie//In good form with some cheesy biscuits on the train back to London//

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Living doll

Taa daah!

A week after the new term started Scarlett Grace's (compulsory) Summer uniform finally arrived. And she was certainly proud as a peacock to wear it. My own little living doll ❤

Monday, 12 September 2016

Final holiday pics

Zipping up the life vest as Scarlett Grace is about to go on her first boat trip
Very exciting indeed!
This is called "Water buggy"
Frozen Margaritas for a sundowner - Be rude not to! 
the Aegean Sea laps at our feet almost literally! 

Sean is currently crazy about football (not just playing it, but he's obsessed with statistics and names of all teams and their players as well as rankings) so we bought him this Barcelona outfit with Messi on the back 

My favourite girls in the whole wide world!

This is really our getaway destination (5th time at the same place now!

Munchkin went straight for the fresh water melon every morning at breakfast time 

Another day, another adventure

They are so close these two, and people usually tell me that they think Scarlett Grace looks like my mum alot.

6am breakfast right by the ocean

Our handsome little boy said he was not tired...
And yet he fell asleep within 5 minutes of putting the chairs together for him to sleep on.
Posing for the camera in the dress, hat and sandals that she choose herself

Exploring all the time she does, and being very inquisitive constantly asking "what's that mamma"?

Me, myselfie and I ;-)
Bodrum's seafood is fab, incl crab salads, tuna skewers and locally caught lobster. We always start our meal with a Turkish "Shepherd" salad to share (finely chopped with red onions, lettuce, spring onions, peppers, tomatos and parsley and lots of olive oil, herbs and lemon juice).

Monochrome swimsuit

My bambina drawing hearts in the sand

Sean went parasailing for the first time and he simply loved it. Said it was the highight of his holiday. Our little champ!

I came out on the boat with them so I could take film them going up in the air

We did loads of water sporst in fact, same as last year

On the pathway at the hotel that leads down to the jetty

One word: serenity


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