Sunday, 21 September 2014

This week's Iphone Images

Monday was a beautiful and sunny day so Bear came home from work early and we had an al fresco dinner at our local Thai restaurant
Sean never tires of dressing up in his costumes! Here in Iron Man, with a treat from the Swedish shop
Shades of grey and knit-wear as Autumn has arrived to the capital
Snug as a bug! Munchie in her sleeping bag in our new upholstered bed frame that was made to order (I choose a shiny velvet in the colour "mink")

Re-cycled! The knitted dress that Scarlett Grace had as a baby, now works as a jumper instead (after hemming the sleeves)
Bubs in Burberry!

To have and to hold..

Uncle Erik and John joined us for dinner at Lockhart on Thursday evening...

...followed by a nightcap (or two) back at our gaffe :-)

Friday, 12 September 2014

Porn Star Martini

Too early for drinkies? I think not! 

Climbing stairs

Help! This young lady is now a danger to herself. Yesterday she managed to climb up all the stairs to our sleeping loft, at her first attempt, and with no difficulties at all. The playpen (read baby-jail) is now up in the living room, and it's time to secure the flat properly!

Three days, three photos

Marylebone Lane

Back To School
Caffein fix at Starbucks 

And so we're back! Three days already, and almost immediately we were back in to our usual  routines...cappuccinos at Starbucks of course (LOL!), school runs and doing various errands around town. 

Sadly my Mum went back to Sweden yesterday after nearly a month away, but it shouldn't be too long before we see her again! 
Love you endlessly Mum, and thanks for teaching me everything I know about childcare and self improvement XXX 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Final holiday snaps

Our nearly two week holiday has left me feeling energised and revitalised 
and all the tension melted away..

Everywhere around us they serve up Turkish goodness and surprisingly there is wifi almost in every restaurant :-)

Turkey blessed us with bright sunshiny days (every day!)
Scarlett Grace found a friend to play with 

Sand on my toes and dry crisp skin from the salty water is such a good feeling!

Life vest on is a must!

Torba Bay is only a 15 minute drive in to town where you can stock up with goat's cheese, sea salt, warm bread and fresh oysters

Being dragged in this little "sofa boat" behind a speed boat was soooo much fun we all laughed out loud - turned out to be my fave water sport!
Buona Notte
Turqoise blue Aegean Sea lapping at our feet 
Most mornings I enjoyed a few chapters of my book before breakfast
Should you tire of swimming in the pool or sea, you can always take the (20 minutes only!) catamaran to the Greek island of Kos 
Aqua boy
 Surrounded by lovely scents of fig and pine trees

The mobile playpen we brought along was certainly an eye-sore, but a life saver as Munchie has started crawling 

Matching swimming trunks for the boys!
Taa-daa! Scarlett Grace pulled herself up to a standing position on her own

Our wind whipped beach and jetty, surrounded by crystal clear waters
 The hotel is  located only a stone's throw from the sea, which is ideal when you have a 7 month old!

Our hotel serves lazy lunches and starry suppers

A swimsuit is the best way to cover up a wobbly post pregnancy belly!
Lil man discovered the newly downloaded Google App on my iPhone during this holiday, and "spoke to" it (read NOT typed!), all sorts of funny questions

Bear and Seany learning to manoeuvre our friends' boat "Spellbound"


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