Friday, 22 July 2016

Hello from Croatia!

We have arrived!

So we decided to take a child free, husband and wife only break, and Dubrovnik was the destination of choice. And wow what a good decision - our suite is simply amazing with the best  private balcony and views over the sparkling Adriatic Sea. 

The novelty of staring out over the blue ocean never seems to wear off - thanks Mum for making it possible, we love you and are forever grateful to you! xxx

Thursday, 21 July 2016



Branching out today lol - I didn't opt for my usual fave Figs. Time to fill my living room with two new fine fragrances of these beautifully scented candles. 

Coral Colour

         only O N E more sleep, weehee! 

Weekend moments

Family quality time at Mum's in Amersham ♡

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hottest day of the year today...

....was spent on a picnic blanket in the shade, under the trees in Queen Mary's Garden in Regents Park.
Munchkin's Missoni inspired play-suit was £4.00 only, from Tesco would you believe? Get it or regret it! 

Holiday preps

New and noteworthy: A top, a tee and wedges #3MoreSleeps

Friday, 15 July 2016

Thursday, 14 July 2016

A flying visit - 24 hours with Ama

On Sunday my friend of 10 years (met in London 2006), Ama, came to London for a flying visit before heading off again, the jet-setter that she truly is.  With only 24 hours in the capital, we had no time to lose. She dumped her bags at my place, we had a quick coffee then we went walking over to Cecconi's in Mayfair. 

And after a long satisfying lunch we were served a free (hallelujah!) plate of goodies to Muchkin's delight, then realised that we also shared the buzzy popular Italian restaurant with non other than Ellen Degeneres and wife (Portia was wearing the same white blouse and short bob combed backward as in link to the paparazzi snap from Wimbledon - she reminded me of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct!).

They were engaged in deep conversation and shared a bottle of wine and naturally we tried to keep our cool and pretended not to look haha. 

Afterwards we strolled around London town in gorgeous sunshine and ended up on James Street where we secured a perfect outside people watching spot. When the sun went down we walked back home with Scarlett Grace peacefully sleeping in the pram, popped open a bottle of rose and chatted in to the small hours before the jetlag eventually hit her (she travelled from Brazil where she has resided for the last 6 months) and she crashed on the kids' bunk bed. 

The following day I took her to Paddington Station where we said goodbye for this time and blew kisses frantically as she stepped into the revolving doors on the Heathrow Express. This time she'll go to Romania for a month, and have plans to be in Europe for the duration of this year, so no doubt she'll be back before we know it :-)

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How Far Would You Go For L O V E?

Back in March when I entered a new decade and turned 40 (yikes!), I was extremely blessed and received the yellow gold bracelet from the Cartier LOVE collection, to wear together with my white gold one.   
They are such classic pieces and they've actually been around longer than I. I never wear them separately as they look so pretty together, and I very rarely take them off. Mainly because putting them back on with the screw driver is quite the task and it's near enough impossible to not leave scratches (see close up pictures). 
I suppose the first scratch is the hardest lol, and with time they don't look as shiny that's for sure, but scratches or not, I am gonna grow old with my LOVE bracelets ♥♥ 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Girls night

When my very good friend Anna's sister visited from Greece last weekend (first time I met her), I inevitably wanted to spoil them them with a good night out. My mission was to show Lena such a good time that she will want to move over here and join her big sis permanently. During the space of a few hours we visited three hotspots. Dinner at Cecconi's, post dinner drinkies at Nobu and we eventually wrapped up the evening by dancing at The Box, a nightclub in Soho.  A girls night is ALWAYS a good ide! ;-)


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