Monday, 15 December 2014

24 hours of bliss ahead of us!

We have arrived (40 minutes taxi ride from our central London flat) in Hertfordshire, and are now checked in to country house estate hotel and spa, The Grove.  Really pleased with our spacious room as I love French doors that lets in so much natural light, and of course our balcony :-) Taking Sean swimming in the children's indoor pool next. Tomorrow I've got spa treatments booked as the children are in the kids club.
Laters Gators xx

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Last Sunday

Last Sunday we were invited to our friends' (Andrea and David that is!) beautiful house, for what now has become a yearly tradition. 
It includes spending all day there helping out decorating their Christmas tree, drinking lots of bubbly, chatting laughing and eating a delicious home-made five course meal :-)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Perfect packaging

You've gotta love their pretty packaging! 

Miss D and SG

Ama and I heading in to town for a little Xmas shopping

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Baby on the move!

And there it happened! Scarlett Grace took her first two steps! At 10 (nearly 11) months, this is fairly early I would say, and quite a shock to me, considering Sean didn't start walking until he was almost exactly 1 year and 5 months! 

A visit to the baby clinic today showed that she is still in the 99.6th(!) centile on the growth chart - she will no doubt be towering over me when she grows up LOL!

Height: 79cm
Weight: 11.1kg

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sean's birthday

On Thursday it was six years ago since that wonderful day (at the Lindo Wing, Paddington), when I gave birth to my first child, Sean

It just so happened that on the same day, Sean's school Christmas s play was held at a church in South Kensington 

Our little boy was a squirrel, hence the big brown furry hat he's wearing! 

Erik and John took the day off work and came along to watch the play and then we all headed off to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park..

..where he opened more pressies and went on lot's of fun rides. Bear had a beer and a frankfurter,

Scarlett Grace kept warm in her new, a little big LOL, puffer jacket

The uncles and I started off with Prosecco 

followed by mulled wine with a shot of rum in (compulsory me thinks lol!), and I was as happy as one can be, surrounded by my loves in the fab German Christmas funfair

Sean got in-line rollerblades from Erik and John, as well as duvet cover with One Direction on (he is currently obsessed with them!)

My friend of many many years, Ama, came and joined the party too! 
Fun times on the reverse bungee!
The chocolate pirate birthday cake (half eaten here in pic), courtesy of Marks & Spencer, was delicious and specially chosen by our little man

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy sixth birthday Sean

A chocolate pirate birthday cake, as requested by the young man himself!

Waiting for lil man to wake up to surprise him with a cake and pressies :-)  Happy Birthday darling Sean- we love you endlessly 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Blow job

Friday morning in Selfridges beauty hall. The sheer luxury of having two people working on my hair at the same time, that's a first :-) They promise a 25 minute blow-dry - so watch this space!  Might even have enough time for a manicure too before the flight LOL!


I love the French candle company Diptyque, and yesterday I bought the large five wick Figuier 1500g candle, which has a 150 hours burn time (compared to the standard 190g size candle on the left in the picture), and should definitely last us through the upcoming festive Season.
It comes in a beautiful white ceramic pot which I no doubt will re-use for some nice plants :-)

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Packing in progress!

Listening to this fab tune by Swedish music producer Kleerup, whilst packing for our Scotland weekend trip 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ladies who lunch

Lunch with the girls in Wolseley followed by Xmas shopping and champs in Bulgari 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Our weekend in pics

Pretty promenade!
 Strolling past beautiful mock-tudor houses as we're heading for lunch in nearby Little Venice on Saturday
Stopped for lunch outdoors under the heaters at Raul's - the perfect people watching spot!

Satisfied after our lunch we did some window shopping (mainly at estate agents) on Clifton Road W9

To Mum and Dad's amazement, Sean's current fave toy is this sword that we bought in the pound shop (yes for one pound only!)

These two - Awwww I'm lost for words... My heart nearly explodes watching them interact like here on the swings
Regent's park playground, where we went early Sunday morning

Our little jester, swinging and singing One Direction songs (he's obsessed LOL!)


Christmas has arrived on Marylebone High Street and the Conran shop, where I love to browse in to get ideas for our home, looked so pretty from the outside

After the playground and a long walk around the park we needed to defrost and have a well deserved lunch and coffee at Cote Brasserie, just off the high street. I indulged in a veal escalope and creamed spinach

 Last but not least - final pit stop at the local library where we borrowed as many as 10 new books for Sean to read himself, as well being read to him at bedtime 


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