Friday, 26 August 2016

Meanwhile, over in Torba Bay...

 HipNautic ⚓️  - At the Marina Yacht Club

Grapes for Munchies mid morning snack 

Living life on the edge ;-)

Shades of Summer

Good drinks, good vibes

Sunshine and Stripes

Water you waiting for?

Our getaway destination 

Pool Paradise

Unrivalled views over Aegan Sea

Ice coffee to cool down

Soaking up the sunshine
New Céline sunnies 
Black and white kinda day 

.....but first coffee

Two girls, two braids 
Grilled fresh fish for lunch 

The sea literally lapping at our toes

Poolside with mah gurls

Yes way rosé

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Seven days in August - Iphone Images

Lil man proudly posing outside Daddy's office in the City on a 'bring your son to work' day

Trying on his new shorts with braces - holidays ahead!

A walk in the park.  Little Madam giving one of her special stares!

That's better - a beautiful smile for the camera 

Brekkie with this little lady every morning is a sheer pleasure! 
Salads, sunshine and sipping wine - idyllic summer scene with Mama

Street kid  - always exploring
Dinner at The Portman - excellent gastro pub food (I replaced potatoes with broccoli to make it low carb) 

Pizza in the park 

The sun always shines on the righteous!

Pink lady with matching flowers in Queen Mary Gardens

Gender stereotypes arriving early - Scarlett Grace cleaning up while Sean relaxes!

Another al fresco lunch (Gerry arriving in the background) - this time in beautiful Kew

On reflection, we have had a good summer so far!

Just strolling by.. Pink hat, pink trainers

Simple selfie avec mon amour

The guy in green -  pitstop at Starbucks for milk and a cookie. Braces matching the coffee cup lol
Boat trip down the River Thames with Daddy - be a tourist in your home town some times

Healthy family breakfast - porridge for kids, eggs and 'bulletproof coffee' for Daddy

The lunch bunch - taking every opportunity to eat outside while we can!

Bomber jacket chic - stocking up on some groceries (and sweets) in the Swedish Shop in Marylebone


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