Sunday, 12 August 2018

Close encounters 🐯 Tiger Lodge at Port Lympne

On Wednesday lunch time we arrived at the Tiger Lodge and we finally got to fulfil our safari dream - but in Kent, who would have thought?! 

The lodge has two bedrooms withs super cosy beds, white crisp linens, slippers and bath robes. 

A beautiful wooden cabin that reminded me of our loft apartment in the French Alps but with African themed decor.
The lodge has this huge decked veranda facing the English Channel from which you can even see France on a clear day
A giant wall of glass in both bedrooms, and behind them - two enormous, beautiful tigers.

The gate as we arrived opened to up to our own golf cart, a beautifully planted garden, with breathtaking views

The first day we did a private tiger feed. 
Tea time for the tigers! 
Fish fish and more fish
What an experience to have a Siberian tiger stood on her legs demanding dinner!
The private golf buggy was certainly an added attraction for all of us, and I loved to drive it! 

The whole place isn’t just about luxury: it’s about learning about animals - an none of them are caged.  

More electrifying than any iPad games (Fortnite) that's for sure. 
Sean about to throw this whole dead chicken over the fence to feed the lion.
Another big cat encounter - fascinating to watch the hungry lion
Damian Aspinall’s foundation is sort of like Disneyland for animal lovers 

Beer we go!
One of the panoramic windows with triple reinforced glass
Real wood fire and board games - again it reminded me of our Courchevel lodge.

The lodge came with a record player and we listened to Simon and Garfunkel and drank wine from the fully stocked mini bar. 
Cosy night in with a big meal, after a spending the day around the reserve. 
Morning coffee on the terrace with the stunning Kentish coast in the background.

 The camels made the kids laugh a lot

We counted nearly 40 baboons in their enclosure 
Other animals we saw were black rhinos, gorillas, bison, tapirs, zebras and ostriches.
Here we're off to the Giraffe feeding

Leaves but no sticks pls!

The bar at the Port Lympne Hotel - only 7 mins ride away in the buggy.

We all agreed on that 48 hours there was definitely not enough!
Even if you took the tigers away, it’s still one of the most incredible places we've been fortunate to stay in.

This fab experience really does appeal to all age groups

Cheetah feeding - We simply couldn't believe how brave Scarlett Grace was!

Sleeping with tigers...
.....and waking up with a "roar"..
...was undoubtedly the ultimate luxurious family getaway 

The tigers and the lodge simply stole our hearts - pricey, but an experience we’ll never forget!

Monday, 6 August 2018

The Gate - Sunday lunch

With Sean having sleep over at my brother Erik's, we took Scarlett Grace (the less fussy eater) and munched on some vegetarian food at our local The Gate - very tasty even for a meat lover like me! 

Kids camp

Friday pick up in Camden 

When you come back from your travels with all the unpacking and tonnes of washing to do, Holiday Academy is a life saver! 

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Sweden trip πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Highlights from our annual holiday in Sweden, staying with my brother, Henrik.  What an amazing time we had with the whole family gathered together for 6 precious days and nights. Glorious weather and late Summer nights, eating, playing in Henrik's pool, barbecues, laughter and the cousins building stronger bonds. B back next year!


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