Sunday, 31 October 2021

Train 2 'Amsham' drop Lil Madam at mum's for 4 nights during half term 

Saturday, 30 October 2021

Happy Halloween

 Pimping our house in prep for Halloween 

Dusty pink

When you find a bargain buy in the kids' section - adore my £16 new sporty jacket with dusty pink tones. 


When you find the most idyllic country side pub

The Hit or Miss - a welcoming new discovery only a stone's throw away from Mum's place - like a scene from Midsummer Murders.  


My very own queen


Last week's school play before half term, where Munchkin's role was a Queen, and bestie Karolina (yes they are the exact same age but Scarlett Grace is towering above her haha!) came back home with us afterwards for a playdate. 

The Autumn that keeps on giving


Brunch bunch

Mum and I at it again,  here brunching at Metro Lounge - giant portion enough for both of us! 


When Anna came to visit


...and brought my favourite flowers Hydrangeas. 

New and noteworthy


A smart jacket and a sleeveless roll neck jumper have become my two new fave wardrobe pieces this Autumn. 


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