Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Monday moments

On Mondays I always get fresh flowers for the home. This time I got gorgeous baby pink roses for a fiver from Tesco, and I made my own coffee art (with cream) in the shape of a rose 🌹

When I collected Sean at 3.40pm it was still 24 degrees in central London! ( I deliberately didnt wear shorts as I have a rash on my shins from using a disposable shaver - never again!)
After the home work Sean helped me to take Daddy's shirts to the Dry Cleaners

He then came with me to collect Scarlett Grace and they had an Ice cream to cool down in the sunshine ☀️ 

A Cornetto for Little Madam and Sean's fave is the Oreo cone. 🍦

Monday, 22 May 2017

Mission nutrition

I'm always on a mission to find a low carb options in restaurants, and today at Benugo's 'Regent's Bar & Kitchen' in the park, I had to choose a lamb burger, remove the bun and order an extra side salad with mange tout and green beens. A bit pricey, but voila - looks delish right?! And so it was! 

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Weekend vibes ☀️

Sun was shining most of the weekend so we spent it at Regents Park and the playground//
//Cote Brasserie Marylebone //Chicken, mushroom & white wine sauce (I swapped potato gratin with green beans)//Decision time! Daddy discussing with kids where to go next//Green healthy smoothie from Natural Kitchen// Kiddies scooting in beautiful surroundings by the Boating Lake, and safely too, with no traffic//Hot pink outfit that Little Madam chose herself//

- A real family weekend, quality time at it's best 💖 and as a bonus, Mum was discharged today, yay!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Mum and Malibu

Whilst Mum is back in hospital (she was admitted again a few days ago due to an infection in one of the operation wounds), I'm cheering myself up with this new tune, Malibu, by Miley Cyrus - digging the folksy sound!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Life lately - Iphone Images

Our weekly coffee and catchup with Anna and Chris
Hubby and I tried out a new sunny spot for brunch last week- and price and portion wise we were pleasantly surprised as it was in Mayfair (North Audley Street)

School night preparations at ours
Bought these lovely "jelly" flip flops that I originally saw in Schuh for £25, but found them online on Asos reduced to £18 - will definitely b a holiday fave!

Monday morning school run in Connaught Village
Beauty Buzz -
a little late but still... I love this tray for my bathroom that Bear got me for Xmas
School collection
The siblings holding hands makes me grin from ear to ear - cuteness overload!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Supper at Seashell 🐟

Tonight with the sun shining bright over London, so we strolled over to our local famous fish and chippy, Seashell of Lisson Grove  for supper. I munched on my usual Lemon Sole goujons - super delicious and so fresh! 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

When you look away for 5 mins...

...and Little Madam has been raiding your wardrobe! 


After nearly four weeks, my "partner in crime" was back out on the streets of Marylebone with me. Here we're having lunch in 'Food Philosophy' which is  a Greek-themed cafe and delicatessen on George Street.

Although it was a school night, we made an exception as Sean has been such a good boy lately, and allowed him to go with Bear to Stamford Bridge o support Chelsea playing Middlesbrough. 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Meanwhile, over in Scotland and East London

As much as I miss hubby, I also love my quality time with Scarlett Grace
Postcard pic Bear sent me from Ben Nevis today. 
 Today I thourougly enjoyed a girls only day with my daughter, a very rare weekend being just the two of us,  (pic from Bills restaurant), as Sean was over in Mile End for a sleepover at Erik and JJ's,  and simultaneaously my man in Scotland climbing Britains highest mountain Ben Nevis. 

Friday, 5 May 2017

A very happy Friday! 💕

Heading for the hospital to collect Mum. 

Yes a very happy Friday indeed - after 24(!) nights in St Mary's Hospital, my mother is finally being discharged today, hurray! 

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Mum on my mind ❤️

Just over two weeks ago I took mum to the A & E at St Mary's Hospital as she was extremely unwell due to a vascular problem that she's had since November last year. They admitted her straight away, and Erik and I have visited her every day, sometimes twice a day, for the last 16 days right up until today when the bypass operation is taking place. She is on high doses of morphine (Oxycodone that is; Longtec - a slow release twice a day, and Shortec - slow release every four hours) to relive the pain from her gruesome leg ulcer.
And as it happens, she is in the operating theatre right at this minute. Now we're hoping for a speedy recovery and thank goodness she's over here so I can look after her and care for her. On standby now to go and see her when she wakes up from the general anaesthetic. Nurses said the op can take up to four hours, so hoping for a phone call very soon. 🙏🏻

UPDATE: Mum's first two operations went well (angiogram and vascular bypass)- however a couple of days later, she got very ill. Completely unrelated though, it turned out her gallbladder had burst. They had to call in a surgeon late at night for an emergency operation to remove her gallbladder as well as flush out all the toxic fluids including blood in her tummy, they put in drains and she had blood transfusions.  She's currently in a high dependency ward, very week and a little delirious, but slowly but surely it appears she's getting better.  Again, thanks for all the support, messages and well wishes - really makes a difference during hard times like this. XOXO

Low carb lunch

Bunless burger at Bill's 


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