Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Our Summer break in pictures

Our hotel had the most beautiful setting - seen here as father and son head for breakfast!

When you have children, you very much appreciate that wooden sun decks and very little sand

We chose the same spot for sunbathing every morning, just down by the water for a good breeze and easy access for a dip in the sea
Sean loved the fresh baked bread

A very long haired Sean, pre Mum's arrival, when she gave him a trim
WiFi surprisingly worked best just by the bar, to Mum and my joy

Bodrum Marina was gorgeous and endless amounts of boats, big and small

Off to enjoy the warm but very pleasant night into the wee small hours
Sean learnt to say Turkey and Turkiet - English as well as Swedish

On one of the nights out which turned out to be the best one, we ended up in The Marina Yacht Club, a non touristy very classy place where the food was not only amazing but inexpensive too
And a famous Turkish live band sang well known songs in English 

Sean was of course delighted to have "mormor" (grandma) with us, and it gave us some relaxing time whilst she looked after him

Getting our bearings on a walk around the harbour area 

A chance to get dressed up every night

Inspiring surroundings to say the least

Considering how hot it gets, the grass and foliage was amazingly green and well manicured

Catching up with my emails as Sean tucks into some ice cream

Sleeping beauty in Daddy's arms

We enjoyed a breakfast buffet every morning with a huge selection that had something to suit everyone, included choosy little toddlers

I can't explain it in any other way, but I felt alive! 

In the hotel we were surrounded by stunning art and sculpture - some amazing pieces

Lounging whilst listening to Bossa Nova music being played in the bar

A midday nap, covered up from the sun in the lovely breeze, was compulsory
As it's not just ours but Sean's holiday too, the bed time routines went out the window with many late nights and falling asleep on Mummy's or Daddy's lap

A little vitamin D from the sun is good for the soul!

a Cuban live band entertained one evening at the hotel

The ipad has come in very handy on holidays as our little fells has a pretty short attention span - seen here on his way to lunch and some 'ipad activity'
Pinot Grigio Blush was cool and almost refreshing in the humid evening and became a favourite drink as my otherwise favourite drink, Champagne, was hard to find in many places (only Turkish bubbly, not the French)

Father and son share a conversation over a cold beer/cold milk

Lunch breaks in the shade was a must

They really catered well for children at the hotel which was an added bonus

Ice cream with the Bodrum Castle in the back ground

My favourite beach wear from Roberto Cavalli

"Oh pleeaase let me play with the ipad at the table Daddy....!"

In the hustle and bustle of Bodrum centre which was a 10 minute drive from quite and peaceful Torba where we stayed

Being on holiday in a fab hotel with great weather, food and quality time always does wonders for a relationship :-)

Barbecue down by the water 

The breathtaking sea view from our bedroom window 

Swimming lessons for Sean have really improved his confidence in the water
Breakfast down in the bay, so so beautiful

The ground floor of the split level suite that we rented had a gorgeous spiral stair case

A comfy king size bed is a must for my big and tall Bear

The bathroom were topped up everyday with goodies from a favourite french brand, L'occitane

A large pool (and a kiddies pool) if you don't fancy swimming in the salty water

Sean loved his 4 new toy dogs - a well as an occasional apple juice

I am already missing it and we are determined to go back next year


Gazza's Summer Tours said...


The hotel we stayed at in Bodrum was definitely classier mate (lol).

No mother in law though....:-)

Anonymous said...

Sexy mama ;-)

Catharina said...

Gaz; yeah so I heard. You had no aircon lol

Anon; Thanxx

Fashion Mom said...

It looks like a beautiful holiday! I went also to Bodrum this summer and I had also an amazing good time. Turkey is such a pretty country. And your little boy is so cuuuuuuute. You are a very pretty women x

Catharina said...

Fashion Mom: Thank you for your sweet compliments. You make me a proud mum! And yes, Turkey is surprisingly beautiful, so much so that we are already planning a return visit next year :-) Thanks for stopping by.
Best Regards, Catharina


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