Friday, 9 December 2011

Urge to gamble & increased sexual desire!

I am currently taking new meds for my Restless Leg Syndrome, that is originally prescribed for patients with Parkinsson, and only today I noticed something peculiar on the info leaflet.  

Today I am on my fourth day on Requip Ropinrole for my RLS (the previous one I took for nearly 2 months called Gabapentin for epilepsy, didn't help at all), and so far I haven't yet seen any improvements, so for the first time I decided to have a look at the information leaflet to see if perhaps it takes a while for it to kick in. To my surprise I read the following (too good not to be shared!):

" Some people taking Requip have had a compulsive urge to gamble. If you or your family notice that you feel an unusual urge to gamble or increased sexual desire urges, talk to your doctor"

 Hubby - you have been warned! LOL


Hope said...

Trevlig helg då! LOL

Catharina said...

Hope; haha, tack! :-)

Londonswede - Sara said...

Mmmmmm låter spännande. Min lill* i magen kanske får en till polare nästa sommar då:)

Catharina said...

Sara; weehee det ar antligen offentligt?! ska bli kul att folja de sista manaderna pa graviditetenx

MilouK said...

Nice side effects!

Catharina said...

MilouK; Yes indeed LOL

Unknown said...


Try drinking tonic water. My mother in law tried it and it worked for her.


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