Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mi casa - today

A new red rocking chair for our home office
A fresh mint plant which adds a dash of colour to our kitchen, has a wonderful refreshing scent and tastes delicious in tea
Pink peonies on the dining table together with a large hamper of goodies that I won after donating money to a charity, in a raffle they did with Starbucks!
 Have just decided to take it back though, to allow them to raffle again as its a great charity, and could benefit from any more money raised. 


jennyslondon said...

Så fint du har det hemma! Verkligen snyggt working area :-)

Catharina said...

Jenny: Tack, vad gullig du ar :) Ser att du bytt tillbaks till din gamla domain. Har nu uppdaterat min sida's lank dit. Kram!


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