Monday, 12 May 2014

Life through our lens

Clockwise from L to R:
Grandma's little helper//A selfie during a power walk last week, with this incredible tune pumping out loud in my headphones// A glass of Billecart Salmon at the Grazing Goat is compulsory when Mum is over//Bear came home early to take Scarlett Grace for her vaccination (that I simply refuse to do-can't bear seeing her in such pain that comes with the three injections!)//Grandma is very hands-on with poppet and relieves me a lot from my usual day to day routines//Mother daughter snuggle time on the sofa is one of my fave past-times//A wee bit early to start using a high chair for a 4-month old, I know! Only put her there a couple of times a day though, for no longer than 10 minutes at a time, to strengthen her neck//It's so cute that Sean always insists on sleeping in my Mum's (sofa) bed when she is here//Pink hooded bunny fleece romper //Rocking ripped jeans as we went to Westfield Whitecity shopping centre on Saturday//Bear in deep conversation over a pint, with his brother Steven who was down from Scotland last week//My girls dancing to Elvis xx

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