Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Holiday report (so far)

Ocean side dinner and drinkies with our good friends Lynn and Paul  

Hitting the town of Bodrum for a night out at Kocadon restaurant - where I ended up having one of the best meals I've had in a long time
Special bond between "Mormor' and Sean
Baby loves the beach! 
First time experience for Scarlett Grace
Another leisurely long lunch..

Taking the short stroll from the beach back to our suite and much appreciated air conditioning!

Kids just love iPads!

Litte Miss Sunshine 

Joining the gang for dinner at a local fish restuarant
Looks like that time of day again  - Cocktail time!

...and Sean wasn't going to miss out!
ahoy captain!

"I could get used to this lifestyle..!"
Mormor taking Scarlett Grace for a dip in the ocean - and she took  to it like a duck to water!


Bjarney said...

What a beautiful children you have, just adorable.
Greetings from reader in Iceland :)

London Mummy said...

Bjarney; well hello there Iceland -thank you for introducing yourself, and for your very kind words :-) Warm wishes from Turkey x


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