Monday, 10 November 2014

10 months old!

A little blurry pictures of Munchie from this afternoon

So, we're now in to double digits, TEN months old today! Scarlett Grace's personality is really emerging now, and it's wonderful to watch. She can now stand completely unaided for about 15 seconds, she waves when I ask her to, and claps when I say "klappa" (clap in Swedish). She's showing a desire of independence when it comes to eating as she insists to feed herself with solids. 
She goes down at 8pm every day without any fuss, and during night time we put a bottle of milk in her cot which she grabs herself and drink from as and when she please. That way we don't have to get up! 

In the last weeks or so she's been going trough the "stranger anxiety" phase or "man-fear" as I call it, as it's only ever with the masculine sex (although it isn't always restricted to strangers... could be a good friend or relative too!) - so much so that she could scream uncontrollably at a poor sod behind us in the grocery store queue! 

Needless to say, she continues to amaze me every day - she brings out my biggest smiles (like today when I found her sitting on Sean's bed - didn't know she could climb up there!) and melt my heart day in and day out 


carolineEilondon said...

Doesnt she look so much like sean? Such a little princess.

London Mummy said...

CarolineEiLondon: I know doesn't she just? Everyone comments on that and I couldn't agree more. Little princess indeed and very precious - well they both are of course :-) Warm wishes, C


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