Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Baby on the move!

And there it happened! Scarlett Grace took her first two steps! At 10 (nearly 11) months, this is fairly early I would say, and quite a shock to me, considering Sean didn't start walking until he was almost exactly 1 year and 5 months! 

A visit to the baby clinic today showed that she is still in the 99.6th(!) centile on the growth chart - she will no doubt be towering over me when she grows up LOL!

Height: 79cm
Weight: 11.1kg


Anonymous said...

She reminds me of me a little ;) I walked at 8 months old (completely missed out crawling/bum-shuffling and went straight to walking), and was also in the 99 centile of height. I'm still pretty tall for a woman (177cm).

Scarlet Grace is beautiful though, and I think that girls both walk and talk before boys so don't be too surprised if she beats Sean with other developmental milestones ;)

eastcoastmom said...

Det är tidigt! Sonen kröp tidigt och började sedan gå, eller typ springa!, när han var exat 9 månader... Dottern var exakt ett år när hon gick. De blir så långa och kan nå allt när de går....!!!

Miss Marie said...

Stora tjejen, vad söt hon är! Alfred började också gå runt den tiden, sen blev det inte en lugn stund! :)

London Mummy said...

@Morningtear: Awww sweetie, thank you - always comforting to know that you're tall but didnt enter gigantic heights :-) And yes, boys are way slower than girls, I've learnt recently.. Ps funny how you mention the bum-shuffling LOL that's what Sean used to do too x

London Mummy said...

@Eastcoastmom: hihi sa roligt, precis vad jag ocksa tankte pa, exactly just HOW tall they become nar dom borjar ga :)

London Mummy said...

@MissMarie: cldnt agree more- trots att vi har babyproof hela lgnhtn sa lyckas hon alltid hamna i situationer som kraver att mamma el pappa kommer och raddar henne! Som sagt, inte en lugn stund, but I wouldnt have it any other way ;-)


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