Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Sexy Fish

The last two consecutive Friday lunchtimes I've found myself enjoying the splendour that is the latest addition in the Caprice Holdings (Ivy, Scott’s, J Sheekey, Le Caprice), a restaurant called Sexy Fish.

Forget Chiltern Firehouse, I'm telling you, this place is the shizz, it's got the WOW factor!

They must have spent an absolute fortune as the interior is stunning and the artwork very expensive (bronze mermaids by Damien Hirst, a huge live coral reef tank and lamps by Frank Gehry), a massive crocodile on the dining room wall, and the location in the old NatWest bank on Berkeley Square in Mayfair could not have been better.

I had the Madagascan prawn and yellowfin tuna with hubby (during our traditional Christmas 'child free long boozy lunch'). With the girls the following week I indulged in the Sexy Fish Roll and tempura prawns. All very delicious although not mind blowing. But then again, who cares when it's the best people watching spot in central London and the crowd, well, they are simply sexy :-)

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