Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Because we were in Courchevel

Me and my girl curled up in front of the roaring fire in our loft
Andrea soaking up the sunshine
Visiting Hotel Cheval Blanc Palace ★★★★★ Jardin Alpin 1850
- known to be the best in the whole of Courchevel

Only in Courchevel!
Let's stop up in the mountains whilst skiing, to look at some handbags shall we?

Here we are at Le Casserole restaurant - another fave place, and where we happen to know the head waiter Tony very well. He always insist on giving us free shots of Genepi (the local French Alpine liqueur) when we visit! *slurp*
Proud boy after completing ten days in ski school

His and hers skis - guess which ones are mine lol

Family lunch in the mountain restaurant Bel Air - that famous place where we sat next to Prince William, Kate and their body guard before they got married!

Our typical post skiing feast - pizza, spaghetti carbonara, courgette frites, chicken escalope and wine of course :-)

A little puffy eyed munchkin who had a cold and temperature on a couple of occasions during our 2 week holiday

Our local friend Olivier joined us for the live band who played one evening at Portetta
Dinner at our hotel where famous chef Angela Hartnett (who is good friend of Gordon Ramsay and has the Michelin starred restaurant Murano in Mayfair) had just opened up. Delish mountain food yet fine dining - perfect concept if you ask me.
Popping back to our loft apartment, after we’ve guzzled down a good number of mulled wine, to get showered and dressed (and take a selfie!) only to head out again!
Our little man's new friend Reuben, whose dad once was a famous rugby player - to Sean's amazement 
 Warming up with Irish coffee and marvelling at how warm it is! 

Taking the piste! lol (geddit?!)
Sean did a lot of Red runs towards the end - to say we are proud is an understatement

Pringles, merci beaucoup! 

We spent a lot of time sitting beside the fire with vin chaud, rosy cheeks and big grins

Can’t help but just stare in amazement at the surroundings

Here we're at L'Alambic a local restaurant in 1650 where we had Fondue which needs no description, and my fave; Pierrade (where you cook your own meat on a hot plate )-  both classic French indulgences 

Simply the best feeling when your toddler falls asleep on your chest 

Nature in all her glory
The combination of fresh powder and blue skies is unbeatable

Au revoir Courchevel - 
see you next year! 

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