Thursday, 19 May 2016

Life lately

Carrot juice is a favourite with Scarlett Grace- this time it was given to her for free as the waiter in restaurant loved her and her curls #ProudMummy

Navy blazer with golden buttons - Nautical but nice ;-)  
The sheer joy of being able to tie your daughter's hair in to a ponytail! Cuteness overload 

After Taekwondo, piano lesson and homework - yoghurt (or "yoggi" as he says in Swedish) is the chosen treat by Sean

Marylebone station about to board the train to Amersham. Kids prepared and ready for a sleepover at Grandma's 

Brunch bunch #NaturalKitchen

LCHF for mummy - obviously! 

Joys of motherhood is enlightened when your child insists on sitting on your lap

A floral bomber jacket is the shizz in the fashion world right now, and who am I to deny that lol?! 

St Christopher's place is always a good idea!
Entertaining Mum's friend who's visiting from Sweden.

Cavendish Square - a green oases in central London, strolling through on the way back from shopping on Oxford Street

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