Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Inside Info - my Autumn list

Whats the meaning of life: L.O.V.E - and to contribute/give back.

Any trips booked? Yes, whoop whoop! Child free trip for Bear and I to New York and ski holiday in Courchevel, France - both during Spring 2017

Which nail polish colour? For Autumn (and Winter) it's mainly very dark red, nearly black.

What's my happy place? I feel most at peace when the whole family is gathered and when we're on holiday surrounded by beautiful landscape and/or water, away from the usual routines and all the must-dos.

Best beauty product? Chanel Hydramax moisture mask that I've blogged about before.

If I could be remembered for one thing, what would it be: A great mother and wife, and in an ideal world I would like to be known as having little or no ego (which I'm working on in my weekly CBT *cognitive behavioural therapy* sessions).

TV series I'm currently watching: Just started "The Night Of" on Sky Atlantic - my latest crime drama obsession!

Fave Autumn accessory? My huge Nova Check Burberry cashmere scarf and this black fur gilet as well as this silver/grey one:

What is my greatest fear? To die when my kids are still young.

Fave Autumn drink? Can't live without my morning soya Cappuccino with a little cinnamon and Stevia sprinkled on top.

What am I listening to right now? Rockabye by Clean Bandit ft Sean Paul and Anne-Marie

Do I like to be complimented? I think I need a lot of reassurance from my family, but I always make sure to reciprocate.

Latest news: Whole flat has just been redecorated bright white and we bought new wooden two-tiered shutters for all our windows. Also new large super-soft rug with matching lamps in living room in grey/silver, and kitchen cupboards painted that same colour.

What food sums up happiness? No particular food actually, only the great feedback I quite often get after cooking for Bear.

Do I have a high pain threshold? I had an epidural throughout the birth of both of my kids, need I say more? I don't do pain lol!

Fave Autumn shoes: my new smart-casual LV trainers Bear got me for our Wedding anniversary, and my nearly 5(!) year old Prada biker boots.

Last song I Shazamed:  "Change my love" from Craig David's new album 🎶

What talent do I yearn for? Playing the guitar like my Mum and brother

What book do I recommend most to others? The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma - Get it or regret it! 


Hope said...

Jag gillar verkligen sådana här listor Catharina och vilka bra svar!
Hade ingen aning om att Craig David släppt ett nytt album så tack för det :)
Treblir helg sötis.
Många kramar!

Hope said...

Trevlig helg ska det stå såklart, hatar att skriva fel.

CarolineEiLondon said...

Aw, I'm loving these lists too, keep them coming :) Also in love with nail polish colour, name please? x

London Mummy said...

Hope: Ah, vad kul att du gillar dom, tack! Ang Craig David sa ar det vart att lyssna pa hela albumet. Kramar x

London Mummy said...

Caroline; Deffo will do more of them in that case:-) Thnx for feedback. It's Chanel's Rouge Noir. x


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