Thursday, 27 April 2017

Mum on my mind ❤️

Just over two weeks ago I took mum to the A & E at St Mary's Hospital as she was extremely unwell due to a vascular problem that she's had since November last year. They admitted her straight away, and Erik and I have visited her every day, sometimes twice a day, for the last 16 days right up until today when the bypass operation is taking place. She is on high doses of morphine (Oxycodone that is; Longtec - a slow release twice a day, and Shortec - slow release every four hours) to relive the pain from her gruesome leg ulcer.
And as it happens, she is in the operating theatre right at this minute. Now we're hoping for a speedy recovery and thank goodness she's over here so I can look after her and care for her. On standby now to go and see her when she wakes up from the general anaesthetic. Nurses said the op can take up to four hours, so hoping for a phone call very soon. 🙏🏻

UPDATE: Mum's first two operations went well (angiogram and vascular bypass)- however a couple of days later, she got very ill. Completely unrelated though, it turned out her gallbladder had burst. They had to call in a surgeon late at night for an emergency operation to remove her gallbladder as well as flush out all the toxic fluids including blood in her tummy, they put in drains and she had blood transfusions.  She's currently in a high dependency ward, very week and a little delirious, but slowly but surely it appears she's getting better.  Again, thanks for all the support, messages and well wishes - really makes a difference during hard times like this. XOXO


Patricia said...

Hi Cat, I have been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy hearing about your adventures around London town. It's so wonderful for both you and your mum that she now lives nearby. It must be a worrying time for your family and I'm sending your mum my best wishes for a very speedy recovery.

Shayna said...

I am an avid reader of your blog. It's one of my favorite London Mum blogs. I am glad your Mum lives nearby. I hope your Mum has a speedy recovery and all goes well. Hugs.

CarolineEiLondon said...

Cat, i am still around on the blog too. Sending love and well wishes to your mum and strength to you and your family.

Hope said...

Catharina, vi tänker på dig och din familj. Hoppas operationen har gått bra och att din mamma nu är på bättringsvägen.
Hälsa henne så gott och ge henne en stor kram från mig.
Ta hand om dig.

London Mummy said...

Well what can I say? I'm gobsmacked! Patricia, in Canada and Shayna in the US, what a happy discovery I've just made! :-) Thank you for introducing yourselves. I sincerely don't think I have any readers lol, except family and some friends back home (as this blog is originally, and I suppose still is, ultimately meant as an online diary for my kids to look back on when they get older) so this was such a lovely surprise. CarolineE- I'm so glad to see your name popping up, haven't heard from you in ages- pleased you're still around. And last but not least Hope, you always make me smile! Thanks a million, the four of you, for your well wishes. Meant an awful lot. Much love, Cat xx


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