Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Husband and Wife, Country Life 💋🌳

Early afternoon on Friday, Bear and I got in the car and drove out to the countryside, the beautiful Hertfordshire, to this hotel located in an enviable location (with easy access, 1.5hrs from central London).

As soon as we entered our room I had to hold myself from gasping at just how beautiful it was with all the windows and natural light they let in and the peaceful views across the landscaped gardens. And the warm interior throughout made the big room feel cosy and intimate; a home away from home I would say (although a much more elegant and lavish one!).  

Mum looked after the kids so we could really relax, and we spend two whole nights in this stunning and characterful old Manor. 
A child free break, with no nagging and bickering about home work, healthy dinners and brushing teeth etc was just what we needed, and we came back more relaxed then ever with our batteries recharged.  

- Thank you Mum for making it possible! ❤️


Jen Lawrence said...

What a beautiful spot. Enjoy your time away!

London Mummy said...

Jen: Thank you, it really was - English country side at it's best :-) Hope you're having a great start to the weekend. x


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