Friday, 21 October 2011

Happy weekend!

The sun is shining over the capital today!

1. Today I feel... optimistic and full of life with the gorgeous Autumn weather outside

2. This morning... I had two toasted slices of low GI bread with mashed avocado and salt + pepper, my gf Sara visited me with some beautiful uplifting news and gave me a gorgeous frame, shabby chic-style,  as my wedding gift, dropped off loads of clothes at the dry cleaners as a result of a clear out yesterday, and Mum and I have dusted hovered and mopped the whole flat!

3. This week... I went to the doctor’s yet again, for my restless leg syndrome, and was finally prescribed some medication (that originally is for epilepsy but have tested well with RLS patients) - so I am feeling very hopeful now :-)

4. Last night... I prepared a chili for dinner for Bear, Mum and I and then we watch the video recordings by our camcorder from our honeymoon

5. Currently enjoying... being a wife - it’s invigorating!

6. This weekend I plan to..?
- Have lunch today with Viv at Soho House Brasserie in Chiswick
- Enjoy an intimate cosy cuddly evening tonight with my husband as Mum goes to stay with my brother for a couple of days
- Visit the salon for a blowdry
- Go to a trendy bar/restaurant in Sloane Square on Saturday evening to meet with a couple of Swedish girls, Susie and Anna, for some girly chit chat and vino.
- Sunday is family quality time and will be spent at leisure at our country club Stoke Park.

Have a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend dear readers! XXX


kikipink said...

i have been following your blog for a while and finally decided to post! love your style and lovely family!keep on keeping have silent fans out here....even though we don't post! ;)

Catharina said...

Kikipink; Aww, what a truly lovely comment! Am almost blushing lol
Thank you very much for introducing yourself, and pls keep on coming back :-)
Warm regards,

Lady E said...

Ha en fantastisk helg og håper så at medisinene vil fungere.
Du ser kjempe bra ut på bilde.


Catharina said...

Lady E; tack ,det hoppas verkligen jag ocksa. Kram och trevlig helg!


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