Friday, 11 November 2011

Feel good Friday

Hello from Claridge's! Tonight me and my boys are enjoying a night here in the hotel. Me and Bear stayed here for our wedding night and are back to the "scene of the crime" (lol),  but to have our beautiful boy, Sean, with us  this time (as he missed out last time).

Tonight it's all about FQT (family quality time) -  and boy will we enjoy this enormous suite and all the facilities this iconic London hotel has to offer... - simply stunning!


jenny said...

Ser inte dumt ut du! :-)

Catharina said...

Jenny; ja, Claridge's e ju sa fiiint! :-)

Prinsessan said...

Det låter inte helt fel, hoppas ni har haft en härlig helg!

Sofia said...

Såna fredagar borde man ha oftare =)

MilouK said...

Ah! Vi bodde ocksa dar efter vart brollop. Jag alskar heltackningsmattorna och duntackena. Tack for att du aterupplivade gamla minnen, aven for mig!


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