Thursday, 3 November 2011

Super sushi

Today Sean and I and met up with my very dear friend Viv, seen here in her very nice silver coloured Hunter boots :-)

We went to our favourite lunch spot Itsu in Notting Hill which is their very trendy flagship restaurant  (much different to all the other small Itsu's around London) with a very good selection of low carb dishes should you not want the rolls with rice etc..

It's so good to introduce the little one's to this very light and nutritious food, and here is some of what we ordered:

smoked salmon & seared tuna 

Crab crystal rolls

Spinach in sesame sauce

Chef's special scallops wasabi green peas

Vietnamese chili prawn


jenny said...

Jag älskar Itsu, visste inte om att de hade en flagship restaurant. Gud så kul, måste verkligen dit!

Tack för tipset! :-)

Catharina said...

Jenny: ser fram emot att hora din erfarenhet efter du besokt just den restaurangen. Den lever verkligen upp till, (tom over ens forvantningar) allt du kan tanka dig inom the Japanese cuisine! kram


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