Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The joys of pregnancy ;-)

Bump today in a tubigrip, at 24 weeks 4 days 

Lately I've been experiencing pain in my pelvis and pubic bone. So much so that it has been affecting my everyday life and stops me from doing things such as turning in bed at night, getting up from sitting position etc. I am having real problems sleeping (obviously good practise for later!) as I just cant get comfortable in bed. I called my very helpful obstetrician, Mr Fernando at the Lindo Wing, and he immediately referred me to a female physiotherapist.

So, yesterday I went to see her at St Johns and St Elizabeth's hospital in St John's Wood, and after a lot of poking and pushing and pulling, she confirmed what I already knew - I have Pelvic Girdle Pain, also known as PGP.

I was told to put frozen peas wrapped in a towel and put it on my pubic bone several times a day to easy the pain and reduce the heat from the inflammation. She also gave me this tubigrip (see pic) to wear daily to keep my pelvis together. That, together with my nose bleed, puffy ankles and now frozen veggies between my legs... where is this all gonna end? LOL! Pregnancy is just so sexy, isn't' it?!


Kristina said...

Tänk vad alla karlar går miste om ;-)... Hoppas det blir bättre så att du får lite välbehövd sömn! Kram

Catharina said...

Kristina; Tack! Haha ja man maste se humorn i det hela LOL!
Ha en skon dag :-)

Miss Marie said...

Haha, de sista meningarna fick iaf mig att le! :) Kul att du ha humorn i behåll!

Catharina said...

Marie; ja man kan ju inte gora annat an skratta haha!
Trevlig Helg x


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