Monday, 2 September 2013

Last of our holiday snaps

Our little jester ;-)
This was our second visit to Casa Dell Arte, having stayed in 2011 and enjoyed it so much that we came back. 
The hotels main outdoor bar perched in a stunning 120 year old palm tree and served iced delights and other goodies
It is situated in a beautiful bay just far enough from the noise and nightlife of Bodrum but near enough if you do want to go there to sample the experience!
La vie est belle

We really like the fact that the hotel is a very non-touristy with mainly Turkish upscale clientele and very few English people 
Our sea view suit had a massive raised Jacuzzi with amazing views
Tick Tock,  it's cocktail o clock! 
Good thing about a muslim country like Turkey is that they do mean non alcoholic drinks and fruity cocktails 
 A wooden deck with sun loungers and a non-sandy beach is ideal when you have kids
My jewel
Highlights of the Turkish food includes the shared mezze platters, grilled sea bass and my favourite shrimp casserole 
Sun, sea, sand and sex appeal!
The setting of this place is like a small village with the sea as your backyard
The location makes it the perfect way to read, nap, and sunbathe just inches from the water
Sean's favourite lunch in the heat was spaghetti with only a little bit of butter
Father and son on a kayaking adventure
West meets Easts
Breakfast is a scrumptious display of fresh local foods, and I usually choose an omelette and salad for my healthy days (not that many though LOL!)
Sean was very popular with the girls!


Pool Paradise
Dressed up and off to the beach restaurant (Gonca Balik), which was only 150 metres away and is a fantastic rustic seafood dining experience that had us return several times

The hotel can arrange a baby sitter for £25 per hour with very trained and lovely staff who normally runs the art classes for kids during the days

Works Wonders!  Moroccan Oil Deep Mask treatment in my hair that I leave in for the sun to dry, and then later rinsed it out at the end of the day 

Sean and Bear ventured up to the roof top of the hotel to check out the spectacular views

We were usually the first down for brekkie as we were still on UK time and the Turks likes to have a lie-in :)

My loves

Drawing back the curtains in our room and sliding open the bedroom doors was a pleasure each morning with warm air rushing in with a smell of the sea :-)


Kristina said...

Tack för att du delar med dig av så fina bilder på dig och din familj! Tittar in här då och då för all inspiration du bjuder på. Hoppas att ni hade en underbar semester!

Catharina said...

Kristina; Vad glad du gor mig - sa kul att fa kanna till nagon "ny" lasare, da dom lamnat spar efter dig har pa bloggen :-)



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