Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Inside Info

 I am so in love with my daughter, and can't stop sniffing her! There simply isn't anything sweeter and more satisfying than the smell of her tiny little head  

My nickname is.. "Rina" (pronounced 'Reena') by Bear, and "Cat" by my friends

Yesterday... Scarlett Grace and I met up with my brother Erik and JJ for lunch in the West End (see pics below)

My favourite TV show is: a lot of American sitcoms; currently 'Sons Of Anarchy', but in the past I've loved US dramas such as 'Six Feet Under' and 'Brothers & Sisters'.

Recent shocking discovery: I gained 17 kilos during the pregnancy! 

A big regret is... not listening to my Mum trying to teach me, and encouraging me to learn how to play the guitar properly

Biggest extravagance... private education for Sean 

The one thing I'd change about myself is... to let go of things more easily, i.e be less of a control freak

If I can, I always try to avoid... sugar. Not only does it make one fat, but it gives me uncontrollable cravings and is very bad for the teeth too.

Fave tune at the moment... "Drunk in love" - Jay Z and Beyonce duet

What keeps me up at night... usually trivial things that seems bigger of a problem than they really are.  But last night, for the first time since being born, Scarlett Grace kept us all up as she was very unsettled and cried for hours on end (hope it's not colic that's kicking in!!!)

Favourite scent.. right now it's my daughter.. she smells utterly gorgeous, even more so than my Jo Malone perfume ;-)

My perfect Sunday is... a lie-in with Bear and my children, all snuggled up together in our bed, breakfast at Mount Street Deli in Mayfair, a stroll around Regents Park followed by all of us gathered for a home cooked dinner at the kitchen table, and a cup of tea and treat (the no added sugar ones!), as we're watching a favourite TV program

Our next holiday will be... skiing in Courchevel in March, and this time with two(!) children, and Mum of course!  

What's my karaoke song: "Brown Eyed Girl" - Van Morrison  

Last thing at night I always... put in ear plugs 

Plans for the weekend: celebrating Bear's 49th birthday by staying the night and having dinner at The Groucho Club

That's all for now, 

Laters, gators!

Pics from South Molton Street yesterday with Erik and JJ, who take their roll as uncles very seriously ;-) 


Tant Anna said...

Kul att få lära känna dig lite mer genom att läsa vad du skrivit.
Ha det så gott ;) ANNA

eastcoastmom said...

Rolig lista!

London Mummy said...

Tant Anna; Kul att du uppskattar det :-) Om du kollar under label "Just Another List" finns dar flera likanande blog posts dar jag svarar pa fragor om mig sjalv.
Ha en fortsatt trevlig dag Anna. Kram!

London Mummy said...

EastcoastMom: Ja, listor ar bra i brist pa annat att skriva om lol.
Kopiera garna fragorna och spara tills en dag da du har blogg torka ;-) Kram kram


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