Thursday, 27 February 2014

Moschino Motivated!

 A well deserved cappuccino in the sun after my first run in over a year. Today I started off lightly with 1 kilometre only (and boy my chest is on fire!), but one's gotta start somewhere, right? 

I've now been given the "go-a-head" from my obstetrician to start exercising again, and to keep me motivated I bought this gorgeous very feminine swimsuit that highlights all the post pregnancy curves:


Ástríður said...

Love it! Where did you get it?

Hope said...

Så skönt att du får börja träna igen, baddräkten är ursnygg och det är du med!
Trevlig helg

inge said...

Great idea to buy the swimsuit we all need a little motivation but do not be to tough on yourself your baby is still so small you will get there in the end.

London Mummy said...

Astridur: Thank you! I bought it from online store Zalando.

London Mummy said...

Hope: Ah, tack :-) Ja, det ar verkligen underbart att antligen kunna trana och aktivera ite endorfiner!

London Mummy said...

Inge: Thanx :-) It's hanging on the back of my bathroom door so I see it every time I go to the loo which keeps me determined!


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