Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Seven months

Scarlett Grace AKA Munchie (that's what "Munchkin" evolved into - sometimes it evolves even further to just Munch LOL!) turned 7 months on Sunday
S.E.V.E.N months already!! Scarlett Grace can now sit unsupported although not for too long or she'll tip over! But the sitting up now frees up both her hands for exploring and what's even more fun - clapping. Adorably she copies me when I clap my hands together :-)
She's reaching for things just out of reach, and eventually she manages to grab the things by rolling over. 

If I look away, after placing her on a blanket on the floor, for no more than half a minute she has moved a couple of metres! It's now only a matter of a few of weeks before she starts crawling (just in time for our holiday, bah!). 

Although she's mainly drinking formula milk, she's started eating solids in the last month, mainly Ella fruit pouches or rice cakes etc - but she does, of course, also wonder what EVERYTHING else tastes like too, and puts whatever comes her way in her mouth.. and this is a real challenge for all parents of curious little babas!


Hope said...

Hon är en riktig liten sötnos och vilka gulliga kläder!

London Mummy said...

Hope: Tack jag blir sa stolt :-) Ja det ar nat visst med stickade/virkade bebisklader!

inge said...

Oh how she has grown and she looks so lovely in her little knitted outfit

London Mummy said...

Inge; Thank you :-) And, yes i know they say time flies, but it REALLY does, and she's no longer a baby bah!


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