Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Inside Info

1. Yesterday... I met up with my friend Anna over coffee at Pret A Manger and bought another set (of four) of these Nespresso glasses that I love to drink from 

2. This morning... I was spoilt by a lie-in as Bear did the school run at 8am for a 8.15am drop off.

3. So far today I have... served up a tuna egg salad for mine and Bear’s lunch, as he is working from home half day #MidweekQualityTime 

4. Last tune I Shazamed... "The Knife"

5. TV series that I watch: None at the moment actually –Have watched all seasons of Homeland, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy LOL!  Feel free to recommend any good ones! I started watching Lillyhammer on Netflix the other day but thought it was all a bit far-fetched. Will watch the first episode of Ladies of London (similar to Housewives of Beverly Hills, only this is about the IT-girls of London) that airs tonight.

6. Currently enjoying... our new bedstead with the high head board – feels like a new bedroom now 

7. Thought of the day... Scarlett Grace will be 9 months on Friday which I can’t quite grasp!

8. Last item of clothing I bought... an orange long soft cardigan from Primark for £16 – A bargain buy and great for school runs and chilly morning visits to Starbucks

9. When did I last cry: On Monday at the hospital when I was in theatre, had local anaesthetic and a little breast tissue cut off from the top of my left boob, to be sent off for tests. Will return on Monday for results and to remove the stitching.

10. Most commonly used swear word at the mo: "Flippin' heck" (Trying not to swear a great deal as I have a 5 year old who is aware of everything that I say!)


Annika said...

Lycka till med provsvaret! ♡

Carin said...

Har kommer lite Netflix rekommendationer:
House of cards, The Killing (jag sag den amerikanska och tyckte den var urbra men har hort andra saga att den danska ar battre), The Bridge, Prison break (ge den nagra avsnitt - trog till att borja med, men vaxer!), Friday night dinner, Orange is the new black och Miranda!
Hoppas pa ett bra provsvar! Kram

London Mummy said...

Annika - tack for omtanken xx

London Mummy said...

Carin: Wow vad manga, tack! Ska definitivt kolla in dom :-) Har redan sett "Forbrydelsen" (dvs danska Killing) vilket ar helt out of this world - basta jag sett pa lange, sa den kan jag varmt rekommendera! Tack an en gang! Kram

Sophie said...


I love your cape. Where did you get it from?


London Mummy said...

Sophie: Thank you! :-) It is actually my Mum's originally, and its at least 6-7 years old, sorry! Have seen not too dissimilar at Ted Baker though if I'm not mistaken x


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