Friday, 31 October 2014

This week's Iphone Images

Clockwise from L to R: 
Trying out the latest craze in London, "Bulletproof Coffee" (a breakfast smoothie made with coffee, butter and oil intended as a meal replacement and to encourage fat loss) // Happy bunny when I realised that for the first time in over 18 months my YSL Chyc belt fits me//Bear and his briefcase heading to work//Christmas has already arrived at Selfridges on Oxford Street!//My girl and I strolling through Mayfair after shopping shoes in Prada on Monday (pics coming up over weekend)//My homemade minced meat stew dinner with white crunchy cabbage to replace rice//Grosvenor Square//Profile snap showing just how similar nose my daughter and I have//New cosy bedside lamp with white ruffle pleat shade and small ribbon & bow detail//Back at Crussh Marble Arch with hubby for more "Bulletproof coffee"//My little munchkin//Boy in school- uniform minus the blazer as it's too warm in London at the moment (read: 19 degrees yesterday!)

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