Friday, 24 July 2015

Lunch in Notting Hill - midweek quality time

With Sean in Sweden and Scarlett Grace in nursery all day, Bear took the day off on Wednesday so we could have some child free quality time, just me and him.

We drove to Notting Hill where we had a stroll around Portobello Road, soaked in the West London atmosphere, and stopped for a delicious sushi lunch (I tried their new dish "yellowfin sushi with wasabi" as in the above pic, as well as the "sesame seared tuna" and other goodies) at Itsu's flagship restaurant.  

Time to get ready now, to go and pick up Mum and Sean at Paddington Station.  And to celebrate their arrival, we're going to Selfridges roof top restaurant tonight where a table for 7 awaits! 
Happy Friday folks! 

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