Thursday, 30 July 2015

Toodles Mum! See you soon :-)

Short but sweet! 
And so she's gone, but she will be back again in three weeks. Also, I'm happy to report that she loved the flat that we are in a process of buying (sole purpose is for her to live in it permanently to be near us and the kids). So the risk of putting in an offer on a flat she hadn't viewed, thankfully paid off!
With a little luck she'll be living over here before December - and boy what a Christmas pressie that would be!


Hope said...

Jag håller tummarna ska du veta, vilken tuff mamma du har!
Trevlig helg Catharina.
Många kramar!

London Mummy said...

Hope: Tack vad gullig du ar! Ska halsa mamma att du tycker hon ar tuff :-) Jag tycker ocksa hon ar modig! Jag var ju trots allt bara 20 nar jag flyttade hit. Lite skillnad det! lol
Stor Kram!


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