Tuesday, 10 November 2015

22 months today

Our 'Little Madam' is 22 months today! She is becoming more and more independent and now she can eat without help, take her clothes (including socks) and her baby trainers on and off.  

Unfortunately her eagerness to do things for herself far outweighs her abilities, and most of the time the milk and food gets spilled! The tantrums have also started and they are not so pretty - haha, but I've started with the "naughty step" in Super Nanny-style, just like I did with Sean, and it's already paying off. 

Also, its absolutely adorable to watch her trying to express herself and/or imitate the actions of us adults. Most exciting of all though, is to hear her blossoming Swedish language skills - I'm a very proud mum to say the least! 

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