Sunday, 22 November 2015

Whirlwind Week

Sofa lounging 
Kids in their swimming costumes 
Warm delicious mulled wine prior to watching Christmas lights being switched on in Marylebone High Street
Oh how I love fairy lights! They are making the trees look so festive and Christmassy :-)
You so pretty!
Beautiful Berkshire

Brushing up my chess skills with an outdoor game against Sean at Stoke Park Club

Little Madam wants to do everything her brother does, like playing the piano.
Matching tops and shoes for the girls
Mum browsing festive ornaments at the annual Christmas Bazaar in the Swedish Church in London
Getting cosy with Erik's boyfriend, AKA "uncle JJ"
And the cleaning continues! This is Mum's modern kitchen in her Amersham flat. 


Carin said...

A vilken harlig helg! Och vad underbart det maste vara for er att din mamma har flyttat till London nu! Hoppas att hon kommer att trivas jattebra. x

Ástríður said...

Hello Catharina! I just looove the coat you're wearing on the picture in your last tweet, can you please tell me where you got it from?

Best regards,

London Mummy said...

@Carin: Ja verkligen! Efter nastan 20 ar i London ar det en drom som nu blivit verklighet att mamma flyttat hit. Det har fortfarande inte rikitigt sunk in yet. Ha en trevlig helg x


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