Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Four nights in Croatia - our final hol pics

Sunset matching my beach kaftan

In high spirits, free from children and responsibilities 

On a boat trip to the charming village Cavtat (just south of Dubrovnik) passing big yachts and even bigger cliffs!

A little afternoon-cocktail-infused snooze on our balcony was clearly just what the doctor ordered!

First night we made new friends at the Banje Beach and then we headed to the town's hippest night club Revelin (where we stayed until 4am!) 

What more can I say, The Adriatic sea offered such harmony

We made it a rule to have one (or two!) Long Island Ice Tea during the 'happy hour'

Our bedroom view where we could sit and listen to the gentle lapping sound of the sea

Our living room with Bear chillaxing on our West facing balcony

After a full day of soaking up the rays we made our way up to our hotel's terrace for supper 

Green with envy ;-)

I think this is where Bear's love affair with Croatia began. Just look at the surroundings! 

Itching to get out to explore more in the picture perfect town of Dubrovnik

Villa Dubrovnik was only a short stroll from our hotel...

and there we snuggled into a corner with a couple of pre lunch drinkies, settling in to enjoy yet another gorge sea view.

Carb-e-Diem ;-) 

And we washed down our carb-fuelled lunch with some wine under a big tree that offered some shade

Here at the Orsan Yacht Club on the Lapad peninsula has a superb seafront terrace and good reputation amongst the locals. 

Yup, another Long Island - (with Diet Coke, meaning it's a "healthy" cocktail LOL!) 

And here I said my Good-Bye as we waited for the airport transfer. This certainly is the destination for relaxation and no doubt we'll be back in no time! 

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