Wednesday, 19 October 2016

New discovery - GBK loyalty app

My girls at the Baker Street branch yesterday 

Thanks Erik for introducing the Gourmet Burger Kitchen app! For those who don't know, it's a customer loyalty app that's very easy to use from your phone. 
Usually in the restaurant you get a table number and then go up to till and order. Now you can avoid the queues and "Order And Pay From Your Table" using your phone, and also customise the burger -  in my case choosing the "Go Naked" option (meaning no bun and extra salad). 
And by ordering through the app you get rewarded with free sides, milkshakes and even burgers. Works for take-away too if you don't want to sit in. Highly recommended. 


CarolineEiLondon said...

Looks yummy! Does Scarlett Grace go to the same school as Sean?

London Mummy said...

Caroline: Sorry for late reply, some comments come in as spam :-( Scarlett Grace goes to the same school Sean used to go to from the age of 1.5 until he was 5.
At 5 they move them to a different location, hence we moved him. We will also keep her there until that age, seeing as they have the best outdoor space in Marylebone, central London. x


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