Thursday, 6 October 2016

Scotland mini break

Snaps from our 48 hour stay in Glasgow last weekend. 

Lobster and Champagne at Heathrow T5's Seafood Bar //Alan's brother Steven came to our hotel as we arrived for a few (read many lol!) pints//I sipped on Espresso Martinis as I watched the two brothers and our minis play pool at The Radisson Blu//Love this pic of the three generations, and especially how my usually big Bear looks SMALL in comparison to Laurie, his (gentle) giant of a Dad!//Scarlett Grace and cousin Megan//Alan's sister's middle daughter Lauren munching on Steven's 50th b'day cake//Starbucks in Central Station//Outside our hotel//Mummy's little helper//No one ever believes me, but Glasgow is unbelievably always sunny when I visit!//Obligatory shopping centre visit//City centre strolling-see the cloud free sky?!//Good bye for this time Scotland, it was a blast hanging with the in- (read "out") laws LOL ❤


Anonymous said...

Can I ask where you got your sneakers? I really like them!

Lovely pictures of a lovely family =)

Best regards,

London Mummy said...

Astridur; ah, thank you sweetie! Nice to know you're still around ;-) The trainers are from Louis Vuitton. They have a hidden sole for extra height, and comes with laces in two colours. I changed mine to black for a more smart look :-) In store now:


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