Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Life Lately- iPhone Pics

Erik and John raising a toast at their recently purchased London flat (a new build development in Mile End) with a large balcony and views over Canary Wharf etc. A very proud moment :-)

The girls' bathroom is now a  fave spot in our flat :-) Little Madam has recently discovered how much she loves the mirror lol
 Sean playing Sudoko at Bill's restaurant 
My same old low carb option; a bunless burger with cheese and bacon 
Mummy's little helper (she always insists!) carrying my cheese omelette and her bacon sandwich
The face says it all, Miss Cheeky!

It was a pink kinda day (she chose the outfit herself)

Flowers delivered to me at home last week from Bear - a random act of love for no real reason which I find very romantic  :-)
Munchkin in Connaught Village on our way to see the doctor for my annual blood tests (checking vitamin deficiency etc - UPDATE results came back all normal phew)
Luncheon with Gerry in Claridgés last week Wednesday
The Christmas tree in Claridgés Foyer and Reading Room

Cinnamon bun and a hot chocolate at the Scandinavian Kitchen with lil man

How privileged are we to live so close to this shop/cafe which sells only Scandinavian groceries?!

This was my choice of goodies to munch on, in typical Swedish style. 

Post rugby pub lunch in St Johns Wood with Sean's team mate Vega, and his sis plus their dad. 
Marylebone and our local Landmark Hotel is currently looking very festive

My brother Henrik who lives in Sweden came over for a visit with his daughter Liv

Long term friend Ama (who's recently moved back to Europe from Brazil), popping round for a cuddle with Sean (who she's been cuddling since he was newly born)

...and a FaceTime conversation with her Dad in Romania which Scarlett Grace was eager to engage in.
Xmas shopping at Tiffany's - and those velvet chairs - aren't' they beautiful!?

Bear volunteered to be Santa at Scarlett Grace's nursery and he must've done a good job because she didn't recognise him lol  - look how frightened she look bless her x

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