Thursday, 29 December 2016

Our Xmas holidays

Excited kiddies on the morning of Christmas Eve which is the day us Scandis celebrate 
....but first Champagne
Arriving for Xmas lunch at 35 Cavendish

A new venue for us for our Xmas lunch, just off Marylebone High Street - they really do the festive season like no other pub  
We had booked the perfect sofa table way in advance...- This place is known for their award winning outside displays

My perfect two bambinos 

"In success you deserve it and in defeat you'll need it"-  Churchill's famous quote abt Champagne

My beautiful Mum who now has lived here permanently for almost exactly one year

Wham bam glam - I persuaded hubby to wear a velvet blazer and bow tie - James Bond if you ask me lol
Boxing Day in this country means its compulsory to go for a long walk which we did
Wearing a fur gilet and two layers underneath is my new secret to look glam despite the cold 
Appreciating Mummy moments like this (wearing Scandinavian headphones)
I've said it before; orange is the new black 😜Here we're out in the bright and early morning air of London 


Hope said...

Gott Nytt År till hela familjen!
Och ett stort grattis till din mamma som firar 1år i London, det är fantastiskt!

London Mummy said...

Tack detsamma Hope. Ang mamma sa kan jag fortfarande knappt fatta att det ar sant. Sa mkt riktigt ar det just som du sager fantastiskt :-) Stor Kram


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