Saturday, 7 January 2017

Our Saturday

Sofa hunting earlier today.
Kids and hubby liked this one with an electric recliner the most, but it will take 13(!) weeks to have it delivered in white leather. Sigh. Ultimately though it's down to me, but I have not decided yet. Let's see!
The iPhone app showed that I nearly hit my 10k steps daily target by lunch time  👍

We left home early this morning around 9.30am and we walked and scooted all over a gloomy and grey London town, in search for the perfect new living room sofa.

When we finally got back hours later, I had this (first meal today) delish low carb, fuller for longer-dish. 

So here's a brand spanking new year, and of course with the start of a new year comes the ‘new year, new me' palaver..
I am definitely not one for New Year's resolutions,  and statistics actually suggests that just 8 % of people achieve their New Year's goals. Hence I am committing only to the first three weeks of January (might extend it to four), LOL! I know it sounds pathetic but it's simply me being realistic.  
I've started this year with exercising every day before breakfast (either kettle bell swings or a power walk/jog) and cutting out booze and carbs completely. Watch this space!

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