Friday, 19 May 2017

Mum and Malibu

Whilst Mum is back in hospital (she was admitted again a few days ago due to an infection in one of the operation wounds), I'm cheering myself up with this new tune, Malibu, by Miley Cyrus - digging the folksy sound!


Patricia said...

Oh dear, not again! Wishing her all the very best, let's hope this is a short stay this time!

Shayna said...

I am so sorry to here that your Mum is back in the hospital. I hope it's a short stay this time and that she is feeling better soon. Hugs.

Hope said...

Nej så tråkigt, vad jobbigt för din mamma men jag antar att dem tar hand om henne på bästa sätt. Jag håller tummarna för att hon får komma hem snart igen.
Många kramar!

London Mummy said...

Patricia, Shayna & Hope:
Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts. I am happy to report my Mum was released today (Sunday)- weehee! Boy what a road we've (read her) been on, but hopefully today is a turning point! Trust you are all having a wonderful weekend with your families. Appreciate every single moment. Sincerely, Cat ❤️

Patricia said...

That's great news Cat! It's a long weekend here in Canada, so I'm enjoying it with my husband (we have 2 boys, they are out of the house already). All the best, P.


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