Thursday, 25 May 2017

Tuesday 👉🏻 Thursday

As Scarlett Grace is not in nursery on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I usually arrange a couple of playdates a week. On Tuesday we went to Primrose Hill and met up with Andrea and her boy Freddie. There we had a picnic and took them to the playground. 

Scarlett Grace and I then collected Sean from school and dropped off a bag of clothes of shoes (that I had put together over the weekend after a wardrobe clear-out) at our nearby Church Army Women's Hostel - I'm deliberately involving the children in it, and it's for such a good cause too. A win win! 
Later that same evening I waited for Bear to come home to look after the kids, and then I jumped on the fast train (Marylebone - Amersham; 31 minutes) to Mum's for a sleep over. 
It was a glorious evening so we ordered food (chicken shish with salad to replace the rice) from our favourite Turkish restaurant and had dinner on her patio. 

I've had my nails done and chose a hot pink kind of colour to match my purse, lol! 

Last but not least, our weekly playdate with Anna and Chris today. We went to Joe & The Juice where the kids were watching YouTube vids and we both had a freshly made green smoothie as we caught up with what's happened since last time.  

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