Friday, 7 July 2017

Life lately - iPhone Pix

Sean's scooter is about the same hight as Scarlett Grace but it's perfect for me to pull her along from the tall handle when she gets tired//Meeting Ama who (visited London briefly from Romania) for coffee at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane//Cornetto cone to cool down//Sports Day at the nursery-need I say she's a bad looser?! LOL!Scarlett Grace with my good friend Anna//A fresco dining in Marylebone//London's Little Venice//Barbecue on Erik and John's sunny balcony in Mile End// Little Madam insisted on having the leftover ice from my cold brew - don't know how she doesn't really dislike the coffee flavour!)//Pigtails is her latest thing now, I think her bestie at nursery had it once and now she requests them all the time//Munchkin in Mayfair//Peaking in to the kids' room after bedtime and finding them spooning makes me well up from happiness and pride♥︎//New pre-holiday nails (the bright neon pink colour doesn't come out properly out in pic) and my new iPhone//Sushi for beginners at Selfridges Food Hall - happy to report she's digging the edamame beans, chicken katsu and California rolls//

As Scarlett Grace doesn't have nursery Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get to spend a lot more quality time with her than I do with Sean.
But thankfully yesterday was the last day of school meaning Seany will hang with us too now for the next nine(!) weeks.
We are all off on holiday on Saturday so it goes without saying how I can't wait for us all to be united - my loved ones together at our fave Summer destination, and that included my Mum too - watch this space ! 

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