Friday, 19 November 2010

Shazam and Cocosuma

This fab tune by Parisian electro-pop band Cocosuma, is currently on repeat in my household

It was playing in Selfridges the other day when I was there, and I instantly fell in love with it. Thanks to Shazam, which is an unbelievable music identification service, I incredibly found out who sings it and the name of the song.

How? I just dialled 2580 (only in UK) from my phone and held the phone to capture any music playing in the background (near speaker or towards wherever the music seems to be coming from).

The service then analyzes the captured sound, seeks a match and the result is sent back to your phone by a text message and then charged £0.50 per successful track (And EVERYTIME I've used the service, it has found the correct singer/name of song).

You can thank me later! x

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HannahSthlm said...

Roligt att du ville vara med och tävla hos mig om den underbara plattången från Philips!
Under Tisdagen (23 November) kommer vinnaren ligga uppe på min blogg. Missa inte att kika in & se om det blev just du:)!

Nu har jag en ny tävling uppe där du kan vinna glossiga lipgloss från Wet n Wild.
Var gärna med!

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