Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Today I....

Wearing rolled down UGGS today

... plan to.. go and pick up a dvd from Viv who’s at a nearby hair salon, go to the GP surgery for repeat prescription, pack for mine and the boys trip to Scotland for the weekend, arrange for handy man to come and do some work here, renew library books, pick up top from tailors, have hairdresser over to my flat to do my hair, put up x-mas decorations and cook dinner

... wish…
it wasn’t so bloody cold outside!

... feel.. excited about our little holiday coming up in a few days where we will be staying in a very nice hotel in Troon and not returning to London until Monday

... have been thinking... about joining Virgin Active gym in Mayfair

... have been…. to Starbucks already!

... am wearing… my (already short) UGG boot that I have folded down for the first time, and it feels like I’m wearing a new pair!

…listening to…. this

…love..my new DG glasses

... can’t believe…
my son is turning TWO(!) on Saturday!

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