Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Early morning quality time

There's always time for a little messing around in the morning with my baby! Bear and I are now taking Sean to nursery, followed by a cooked breakfast somewhere local - quality time in every way you look at it, if you ask me! :-)


Lady E said...

Dere er jo så søte =) Ha en kjempe fin dag.

Londonswede said...

Ah mysigt;)Forresten har ingen mobil just nu sa vet inte om du textade tillbaka om imorgon. Maste kanske jobba imorgon nu i vilket fall, men om du ar fri sa maila istallet sa hor jag av mig. Puss pa er

Catharina said...

LadyE' tack! Ha en fortsatt trevlig vecka :-)

Londonswede; Sara, jag har emailat dig x


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