Saturday, 18 February 2012

Our week so far, in pictures

 On Monday morning Sean and I headed off to meet my brother for breakfast in Spitalfields Market

 Sean was in a jolly mood and showed off some of his dance moves as we strolled on the streets of East London

After breakfast we went back to Erik's flat where Sean was keen to try his uncle's new guitar

We also met up with Andrea and her son Harry at the leisure centre in Swiss cottage

We intended to go to their soft play area with the boys but couldn't get in as it was full of kiddies on half term

Instead we took them to a outdoor playground, just outside the leisure centre

We then walked to the O2 centre on Finchely Road were we had lunch and walked around the mall (read; hand in hand! lol)

  Adozen long stem red roses on Valentine's day

One afternoon I met up with Anna at the Arch Hotel...

..were we had a traditional Champagne Afternoon Tea

...and shared lot's of laughters, cakes, sandwiches and way too much bubbly! :-)


Marie said...

Vilken härlig vecka, och vilken mysig afternoon tea! Mums!

Catharina said...

Ja det ar nat visst med afternoon tea! Kanns valdans sa lyxigt och dessutom super mumsigt :-)


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