Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Erik, the entertainer!

Apart from being accepted and now studying Medicine at Imperial College, which is ranked top ten of world's best universities, (after already finishing a 3 year degree in Biochemistry and Forensic Science), my little brother is also somewhat of a musical genius, playing both the guitar and the piano. Here's a clip of him playing at my Mum's house last week - totally unaware of me filming.

As Sean is totally in awe of him, I'm hoping he will follow in his uncle's footsteps! No pressure there my son! LOL!


Marie said...

Snygg är han också! Är det verkligen rättvist att en människa är snygg, talangfull OCH intelligent? Han borde ju dela med sig lite... ;)

Catharina said...

Marie; couldn't agree more LOL
Erik halsar och tackar odmjukast!


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