Friday, 8 March 2013

Bathroom Beauties

These pretty two tone roses are brightening up my bathroom at the moment  (together with my fave Jo Malone candle)

Buying flowers for your home is an affordable (yes, you can buy a pretty bouquet from the local supermarket Tesco etc, for no more than £3!) and uplifting weekly routine that I have.  Fresh flowers add beauty and cheer to any room, and in this case, my bathroom.  

It is the first place you go to when you wake up in the morning, so it's the room where your first impression of every day is.  I usually get a large bunch for the living room and then i take a couple of stems and trim them to incorporating them into my home.  They make me happy, and give me an emotional boost every time I go in to the bathroom. 

It's so true when they say it's the "little things', and let's not forget they make a grand impression for guests coming to visit too :-)


Hope said...

Har lagt märke till att ni alltid har så vackra blommor i ert hem och vad fin utsmyckning i badrummet!
Tror att jag blir en liten härmapa ;-)

Trevlig helg!

Catharina said...

Tack! :-) Och visst gor det en glad?! Happy Weekend x


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