Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Low carb seed crackers

Before and after pics of tonight's baking session. These crackers are a perfect snack and apart from being very tasty they are high in fibre and crunchy. Best of all though - they are low carb!

To make them I used:  
sunflower seeds, milled chia seeds, ground almond, sesame seeds, linseeds, coconut oil, boiled water and last but not least, psyllium husk powder, to bind the moisture (although its often sold as a colon cleanser, it happens to be a great thickening agent!) and help make them less crumbly. Oh I mustn't forget -  I sprinkled pumpkin seeds on top. 

Simply delicious and at them same time nutritious :-) Sean and Bear gave them 5 out of 5, so it's a result! 

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