Friday, 28 March 2014

Scarlett Grace's last few days

That moment on the changing table when you look away for a second, and your baby falls asleep - so beautiful!
Astonishingly, our baba is sleeping on average between 7.30pm - 6am without waking up (unlike her brother who didn't sleep through the night until he was THREE years old!) - a miracle baby, I know!!!! But watch this space..I haven't yet proclaimed myself a sleep guru ;-)
 I try to encourage wakefulness by engaging a lot with her during the day, and she's noticeably awake for longer stretches these days
She is becoming more and more mobile, her movements less jerky, and all in all a whole lot more fun with giggles and gurgling!

Doctor Erik had a day off work on Tuesday and wanted to see his niece, so we met up for brunch at Muriel's Kitchen  
Strolling around on the streets of South Kensington with my daughter in the sling - not sleep deprived, and feeling upbeat and happy

Did I mention I L.O.V.E being a full-time mum to my munchkin?!


Miss Marie said...

Vad härligt det låter! Skönt med en sovande bebis, det har jag ingen erfarenhet av... :) vad lik hon är sin bror på sista kortet! Sötnos!

inge said...

The first time I have seen her smile so cute. Oh how quickly they grow savour every precious moment. Have a lovely weekend.


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