Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Seven days in March

Spring has sprung in London town!

Cheeky chappie, our little sunshine! (watch him here sing along to Pharrell's very popular song "Happy")
My friend of many many years, Ama, getting to know Scarlett Grace, with Sean providing full support

Bear's Dad on a flying visit from Scotland to meet his granddaughter, his 8th grandchild (and still counting!)

 Wherever he has lunch, chicken nuggets and chips and peas always seem to be on his menu!

Thinking of taking up golf..

Messy hair, don't care! 
 Don't mind if I do....Cheers..!

Soaking up this year's first proper rays of sun

After swimming in the Pavillion we headed over to the Mansion for lunch

Stoke Park has been a private country club since 1908

Penny for your thoughts, little man!

A light touch of Vitamin D for our baba, and caffeine for her Mama ;-)
Our five year old still needs to improve his photography technique LOL!

Nature's colours brightening up Connaught Village where Sean's school is located

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