Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Today's baby pics

My little doll, now seven weeks old, lounging on her new bean bag. You can tell in these pictures that she's put on quite a lot of weight in the last couple of weeks, mainly on her cheeks and arms, and it's quite obvious that she's lost her curled-up newborn look.

I've started notice her making the beginnings of conversation in the form of these adorable coos and gurgles. And let's not talk about when she looks me straight in my eyes and gives me smiles - it truly melts my heart!


Hope said...

Ååh så söt hon är! Och vad härligt att få frossa i rosa :-)

London Mummy said...

hope; tack, jag blir sa stolt! Ja det ar verkligen harligt med rosa - Det har jag langtat efter redan sen jag blev gravid forsta gangen hihi
Trevlig Helg!

morningtear said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Tycker hon liknar Sean jättemycket :) En perfekt mix av mamma och pappa antar jag ;)

London Mummy said...

Morningtear: Thank you my dear :-) Ja, manga sager att hon ar valdans lik sin bror, female version da dvs LOL!
Kram pa dig!


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