Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy birthday Mum!

On Wednesday we celebrated my Mum's birthday at Gaucho Picadilly - amazing evening and possibly the best steak ever in London! Below is my bday message to her: 

"Today is the most amazing woman in the world's birthday. If I can be half the mother, my mum is to me, my children will be seriously blessed.
She is just spectacular, she's wise, chic, warm, kind, caring and always has the best advice..
Thank you for everything you do for me and my family - I look forward to celebrating you this evening!
Mamma, Happy Birthday... I hope this year is everything you hope and dream it will be.
I love you so much"

Mum at the tender age of 16 


Hope said...

Ett stort Grattis i efterskott till din vackra mamma!

London Mummy said...

Hope: Tack for din grattis halsning, mamma blir sa glad var gang du namner henne i en kommentar :-) Kram!


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