Monday, 28 September 2015

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Munchkin has a habit of walking around the flat in my shoes, no matter how high the heels are! LOL!

Week 3 at rugby, and lil man is still loving it

Who said pink is only for girls?

Brunch at Natural Kitchen. Ham and cheese omelette for me, and the bread for little madam as I'm on a low carb diet (read lifestyle) to keep the weight from piling back on again

A very firm grip around the wrist is the only way to walk around central London with a toddler!

Hakkasan Mayfair with Andrea and David
Andrea and I dancing in Morton's whilst tipsy on too many cocktails 

Coffee with Anna in the sunshine, at Grosvenor Square Mayfair
Friday night's dinner was at Vintage Salt on Selfridges rooftop

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